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Clockwork Investigations, LLC is a veteran-owned and operated organization based in Albuquerque, NM, specializing in pre-litigation investigations, tort, insurance defense, and process service. We employ modern and state-of-the-art investigative techniques to facilitate maximum results in less time. Internet database searches, Social Media Searches, and Social Media monitoring, provide invaluable information on a subject’s activities.

We are in constant contact with the client throughout the course of a case, updating the status of the case with any new information learned from the investigation and/or surveillance. These updates allow for our clients to make the most informed decisions on the future of your case, leading to a better outcome, and a more effective and economical use of our investigator’s time.


Clockwork Investigations possesses over 75 years of combined experience between our investigators. We are diverse in our specialties and proficient in the field. Our investigative staff is comprised of veterans, criminal justice graduates, former law enforcement, and former corrections officers - and each of us New Mexican! We pride ourselves on our understanding of local laws and cultures, from Gallup to Clovis, and Anthony to Raton. We've been there and gotten the job done.


What Really Matters

The most important thing is to Protect your Interests

Stephen Wissing


Clockwork Investigations, LLC

About Us


At Clockwork, ethics and following the law are the highest priority.  All Clockwork investigators are fully trained in the laws governing the states in which we operate, to ensure every part of an investigation or surveillance is not just compliant, but also admissible in a court of law, if the need arises. 

All of our investigators are licensed, pass an FBI background check, and meet all state requirements.  Clockwork Investigations will NEVER allow your case to be handled by an unlicensed investigator.  When you work with Clockwork, you can be sure that your case is being conducted by a team dedicated to professionalism, discretion and proficiency.

We strive to offer the highest quality work at affordable and competitive prices.  We will never sell you a service you do not need.  Our goal is to give you a final product that is thorough, affordable, and will allow you to make an informed decision.



Clockwork Investigations, LLC