Process Service

​Our SIU Investigators are experts at locating missing persons, witnesses, gathering evidence and helping you build your case. Through sub-rosa investigations, recorded interviews, internet data-mining, background checks, and records review, we can obtain crucial evidence to uncover the truth. ​​

Subrogation Investigations

Internet Data-Mining

Civil and Criminal Background

Hospital Canvassing


Recorded Interviews
Scene Investigations
Theft / Property Loss
Records Review


This service is only available to attorneys and legal entities that have proper documentation showing a valid legal interest in the subject's assets.


Clockwork Investigations, LLC


If you are in need of a service you do not see listed above, please contact us. Our investigators are very diverse in their expertise. However, if we are unable to assist you, we network with investigators across the state and the country and we can refer you to someone who can.

For investigators, the widespread use of social media is a dream come true — people give away information about themselves freely, and often without restraint. With an increasing number of social media sites, it can be difficult to know where to look.

Clockwork Investigations, LLC now offers an extensive Social Media Search, in which hundreds of websites are searched and specific data logged and placed into a neat and comprehensive report that our clients can read and understand. Even if the subject of the investigation has their Social Media Profiles blocked with privacy settings, our software will continue to crawl through all of the profiles associated with the subject’s Social Media Profile (friends, family, followings…) to monitor all activity that the subject exposes to the public, as well as continuing to crawl through all websites accessed through the subjects Social Media Profile. But we don’t stop there.
With Clockwork Investigations, LLC Social Media Monitoring, we will continue to monitor the subject’s profile, and status updates and postings in real time.

As soon as the subject posts, tweets, shares a photo, or follows an event on a Social Media site, we will get that information and notify our client.


When properly executed, surveillance is a powerful investigative tool and the backbone of most Workers' Compensation investigations, personal injury investigations, and criminal activities. Through the use of covert surveillance, the day-to-day activities of an individual can be documented.

Our field agents use state-of-the-art equipment, to include high definition cameras with high powered zoom and covert hidden cameras to ensure that we properly identify the subject of our investigation and provide our clients with the best quality video documentation, while remaining discreet and undetected.

Asset searches

We routinely conduct Social Media Investigations in support of surveillance, SIU Investigations, Process Service, Skip-Tracing, and to help build a character reference on a subject.

​Our software captures the metadata associated with a subject's on-line activity to ensure proper chain of custody and handling of evidence.

We work with a network of investigative professionals, banking institutions, county assessors, and other resources to locate a subject's assets anywhere in the US.

Real Property


Business Holdings

Stocks and Bonds

Savings and Checking Accounts

Our team of experienced process servers are well-versed in the laws governing service of legal process in NM and the surrounding states. We can assist with the service at each stage - from filing to service.

Writs of Garnishment

Summons and Complaints


Eviction Notices

Divorce Orders

Restraining Orders

Child Custody

and more...

Discounts are offered for volume.

​​RUSH and SAME DAY service is available.

We offer service statewide.


Don't trust just anyone to uncover the truth. Conducting surveillance is a complicated and difficult task, which is best left to a highly-skilled professional.

Prompt and professional service, like Clockwork

  Social Media Investigations